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Skewered at Ayhan's

Four kebab combo at Ayhan's in Plainview

Four kebab combo at Ayhan's in Plainview

I’m hoping that a recent dinner at Ayhan’s Shish Kebab in Plainview was an aberration rather than the way things generally are.

My party sat unnoticed for what felt like forever before we could corral a waiter. Does it drive you nuts when the people at the next table — people who arrive 15 minutes after you —  are happily munching away on bread and appetizers while you’re still sitting with a menu? Ultimately, our waiter took our order with an attitude that was either indifference or contempt. Bread was delivered only after I requested it. The rest of the meal lurched along.

On the bright side was a vibrant homestyle stuffed eggplant dish called karniyarik. But a mixed kebab platter showcased bits of lukewarm meat, one piece so gristly that I had to discreetly use a napkin to dispose of it.

The check was thrown down. Ouch.

In addition to the Plainview location, there are four other Ayhan's Shish Kebab restaurants: Baldwin, Rockville Centre, Westbury and the original Port Washington spot. 

Newsday photo of mixed kebab platter/Joan Reminick

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