Beer is flowing at Stew Leonard’s of Farmingdale.

The supermarket has added draft beer that you can bring home in growlers, or bottles to transport the brews.

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They come in 64-ounce and 32-ounce sizes. Each week, Stew Leonard’s will change the four beers available on draft. The beer are $14.99 to fill the 64-ounce growler; $7.99 to fill the 32-ounce growler.

A growler itself costs $3.99 for the larger one; $2.99 for the smaller one. They may be reused. You just return with the empty growler and pick your next beer.

This week’s selections at the Growler Bar include two Long Island brews, Greenport Harbor Brewing’s Summer Ale and Oyster Bay Brewing’s Barn Rocker; and Two Roads Lil Heaven IPA and Radiant Pig IPA, both made out of state.

Stew Leonard’s in Farmingdale is the first store in the group to offer growlers. The supermarket operates separately from the nearby Stew Leonard’s Wines.

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Stew Leonard’s of Farmingdale, 261 Airport Plaza, Farmingdale, 516-962-8210,