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Sushi doughnut makes debut at Union Prime Steak & Sushi in Great Neck

Union Prime Steak & Sushi in Great Neck unveiled the sushi doughnut on Thursday to rave reviews from ecstatic customers. The restaurant's staff talked about where they got the idea and gave a close-up look at how to make it on Monday, Feb. 27, 2017. (Credit: Newsday / Jeffrey Basinger)

The rainbow doughnut is facing some colorful competition: the sushi doughnut.

The latest internet sensation in sushi gimmickry — think poke, sushi burrito, sushi pizza — finally made its way to Long Island last week.

The chefs at Union Prime Steak & Sushi in Great Neck created their own version of what is essentially a sushi roll, playfully folded into the shape of a doughnut.

This doughnut ($18) is topped with avocado and a kaleidoscope of sashimi, including salmon, yellowtail and three kinds of tuna (ahi, white and peppered), drizzled with spicy mayo. It is served on a large sheet of dried seaweed.

How you eat it is where things get interesting. Chopsticks or a fork and knife are completely acceptable. But it’s a doughnut, and who eats a doughnut with utensils?

Instead, sushi chef Ping Liang wants customers to use their hands. Lift the doughnut using the seaweed and dive in. Spicy mayo in the face — or in my case, the beard — is a likely casualty. Roll with it.

Like so many of his colleagues these days, executive chef Christopher Namaty found inspiration for his version on social media. Soon he and Liang were brainstorming.

“You have to bring something new to the table that they haven’t seen before,” he said. “That’s where social media comes in. For a chef, it’s very helpful.”

Union Prime Steak & Sushi, 661 Northern Blvd., Great Neck; 516-487-9200,

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