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The ‘Doughnish’ debuts at C&C Baking Factory in Babylon

The doughnish -- a doughnut stuffed with Danish

The doughnish -- a doughnut stuffed with Danish filling -- is a weekend special at C&C Baking Factory in Babylon. Photo Credit: Christian Dyckman

It’s a doughnut! It’s a Danish! It’s the Doughnish!

Christian Dyckman, chef-partner at C & C Baking Factory in Babylon, has combined two breakfast favorites in one sticky handful.

One morning, when it was time to make the doughnuts, a light bulb went off in Dyckman’s head: Why not split a fresh glazed doughnut and stuff it with a Danish filling of cheese and fruit? No reason — and no reason not to drizzle it with frosting either. That the new pastry had the perfect name just waiting for it was gravy.

Doughnishes, $3.50 apiece, come in three flavors — blueberry, cherry or strawberry — and are made only on weekends. Supplies are limited.

C & C Baking Factory is at 199 E. Main St., Babylon, 631-526-9992.

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