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The Pie in Port Jefferson: All about the crust

The pizza at The Pie in Port Jefferson

The pizza at The Pie in Port Jefferson is distinguished by its chewy, airy crust. (Dec. 7, 2012) Photo Credit: Newsday / Erica Marcus

Observant readers may have noticed that over the past few months, FeedMe, always up for a great pizza, has been visiting even more pizzerias than usual. This is in preparation for the Dec. 20 publication of our first list of Long Island’s best artisanal pies, ranked in order of preference.

Last week I finished up the research at The Pie in Port Jefferson, which has been making coal-oven pies since 2002. My friend and I ordered two pies, a Margherita and a mushroom; the former got the edge. Not that there was anything wrong with “funghi” pie, but the promised “wild mushroom medley” seemed exceedingly cultivated. Frankly, though, when you’ve got good tomatoes, good cheese and, most important, good crust, the wildest mushroom in the world isn’t going to improve the pizza.

The pie’s crust has real integrity, puffy but substantial and not too tender. You can see from the big air holes that the dough was treated with respect.

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The Pie is at 216 Main St. Port Jefferson, 631-331-4646.

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