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Executive chef-partner leaves EAT Gastropub in Oceanside

Chef John Maher, left, plates food in the

Chef John Maher, left, plates food in the kitchen of EAT Gastropub in Oceanside. Photo Credit: Bruce Gilbert

John Maher, the founding executive chef-partner at EAT Gastropub in Oceanside, is no longer at the restaurant.

Under his direction, the kitchen earned three stars from Newsday's Joan Reminick, was named one of her top new restaurants for 2014 as well as one of Newsday’s 10 best gastropubs of 2014.

Partner George Conforti said that he hoped to have a new executive chef in place by the beginning of May. In the meantime, Dan Monteforte, chef-partner at Swingbellys BBQ in Long Beach, is pitching in to help the existing crew.

Conforti said that while a new chef might tinker with the menu and make more use of the greens that grow in the restaurant’s on-site greenhouse, “the overall vision of the place remains the same.''

2823 Long Beach Rd. Oceanside, 516-766-9547

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