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Waiter woes at Trata in Roslyn

A waiter takes an order in the dining

A waiter takes an order in the dining room at Trata in Roslyn. (Nov. 22, 2009) Photo Credit: John Dunn

Shame on you Trata! Your bumbling waitstaff did you wrong last night, marring our celebratory dinner for eight with long waits, wrong dishes, missed cues, and a surly, indifferent attitude from the main waiter. Someone even took away my half-finished drink (with the diced peaches on the bottom!) when I turned my head for a second.

Lucky for you, though, that my friend who was treating is generous and forgiving and left a $90 tip on the $450 bill anyway. Not too many people would have felt so inclined.

And lucky for us that the food, when it finally arrived, lived up to its three-star Newsday rating. Loved the fried zucchini appetizer. And the arctic char and sliced tuna that I got tastes of were out of this world. So was my octopus salad, even though I had ordered the grilled calamari.

With the well-heeled crowd you attract to your dramatic Greek estiatorio, and the $$$$ you command for exquisite seafood, you just might want to serve up a little more love tableside.

Trata is at 1446 Old Northern Boulevard, Roslyn, 516-625-2600.

Dining room at Trata/Photo by John Dunn


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