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Wood oven pizza fires up Amityville

Is it just me or do all Long Islanders have an insatiable appetite for all things Italian? Now, Raimo’s joins the ever-growing list of pizzeria / ristorantes. The place opened last month in Amityville, spawn of a long-standing Freeport spot. Unlike the mother ship, though, this Raimo's is equipped with a wood-fired brick oven.

At lunch, I got a 12-inch "Old World" margherita pie and found it to have a pleasingly crisp crust that stood up to a topping of house made mozzarella and San Marzano tomatoes. Note that any pizzas not listed under the menu heading "Old World Pizza" are made in the restaurant’s gas pizza oven.

With the pie, I also ordered a “trattoria salad,” lured by the first ingredient listed after lettuce:  roasted butternut squash. The salad I got had caramelized onion, toasted almonds, pancetta and marinated diced plum tomatoes but no butternut squash. I'd also requested my dressing on the side but it came tossed right in. "Would you like some extra dressing on the side?" the waitress asked. Er, no. She brought me a little dish of butternut squash and I managed.

Raimo’s Wood-Fired Brick Oven Pizza is at 45 Merrick Rd., Amityville, 631-608-3260.

A wood-fired pizza oven, not Raimo's. Photo by John Dunn.

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