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Fondue on Long Island: 7 hot spots

The Cheese Patch in Patchogue serves a classic

The Cheese Patch in Patchogue serves a classic fondue made with Gruyère, Cognac and white wine; accompaniments vary daily. Credit: Doug Young

Fondue is the big cheese. In midwinter, the appeal of this warming, shared dish of melted cheese, dry white wine and a rub of garlic to the communal pot, rises like the Alps. That's apropos, since fondue is most often associated with Switzerland, France and Italy.

Traditionally, cheeses such as Gruyère and Emmental star in the Swiss version; Beaufort and Comte in the French; and Fontina in the Italian. Cheddar has made it into many American-style fondues.

There are other types of fondue. Chocolate fondue has become a staple, with fruit and pieces of cake dipped in. The meat variation on fondue usually requires hot oil or broth for cooking. But today, it's all about cheese. And here are some establishments where you'll find a cheese fondue.

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