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1 OAK to wrap up 2014 with rappers Lil' Kim and Mase

Rapper Lil' Kim (pictured here at the MTV

Rapper Lil' Kim (pictured here at the MTV Video Music Awards on Aug. 25, 2013) will be performing at 1 OAK Southampton on Saturday, Aug. 30. Credit: AP / John Shearer

Without question, 1 OAK Southampton had a lively freshman summer.

Ever since its debut during Memorial Day weekend, the Southampton extension of the 1 OAK party brand has received hefty crowds at most of its Saturday night celebrations, with many of its get-togethers punctuated by performances from A-list hip-hop stars; Busta Rhymes, French Montana, 2 Chainz and Lil Jon were among the season’s headliners.

However, with the arrival of Labor Day weekend, only one Saturday remains before the Hamptons mega-club scene of 2014 comes to a close – yet 1 OAK will still manage to get two of rap music’s major celebrities to perform at separate events before officially signing off for the year.

Being that Labor Day falls on a Monday, people not working on the holiday can treat Sunday night much like they might a Saturday. To service that extra party potential, 1 OAK is going back-to-back with shindigs led by special hip-hop guests, starting on Saturday evening (Aug. 30) with an appearance by Lil’ Kim. Kim (aka Kimberly Jones) first found success in the mid-1990s as a protege of music impresario Sean Diddy Combs and late rap icon The Notorious B.I.G. -- but eventually went on to become a star in her own right, co-winning a Grammy Award (Best Pop Collaboration with Vocals, 2002), selling millions of records as a solo artist and appearing in film and as a contestant on the ABC network program “Dancing with the Stars.”

As for the bonus Sunday bash (Aug. 31), the main draw is to be Mase, another performer whose career started with Combs. Born Mason Betha, Mase was the apex talent of Diddy’s Bad Boy Records label during the late 1990’s, yet he suddenly retired in 1999 to pursue a more pious lifestyle. He eventually returned to mainstream hip-hop (twice actually, following a second period of religious retirement during the mid-2000s), and is currently working on a new album.

Expect the performances to start sometime after 11 p.m., each with DJs on hand to spin around the live sets (DJ Ruckus on Saturday, Jus Ske on Sunday). Being that these happenings are happening during Labor Day Weekend, the crowds are likely to be especially substantial – so anyone looking to catch either or both gatherings should probably make reservations in advance. Table service is the most effective way to RSVP; call 631-204-5433 or email to do so. For more information, visit and

1 OAK Southampton: 125 Tuckahoe Lane, 631-204-5433

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