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80s Costume Party at Harbor Crab

The roadside sign on the side of Harbor

The roadside sign on the side of Harbor Crab in Patchogue. (May 13, 2012) Credit: Ian J. Stark

Although the 1980s happened a good twenty-to-thirty years ago, the club scene from that decade has yet to fade away; ask anyone who still seeks out new wave parties or gets in line to see a freestyle artist play a stage somewhere in Nassau and Suffolk counties.

It was a time of hairspray, abundant jewelry and flashy cars – and while one could successfully argue that also describes today’s nightlife scene – more era-specific hallmarks of that time include the aroma of Aqua Net brand hairspray, the high fit of Z.Cavaricci pants and the feel of acid-washed denim.

Chances are if you or someone you know wore the trendy styles of that decade, the clothing items once employed to attract a date or help get past a doorman are still somewhere in the closet, in the garage – or maybe you just haven’t given them up wearing them yet (it's not unheard of). Then again, perhaps you are too young to have gone clubbing in those days…or, hmmm, not even born until the 1990s (a 21 year-old in 2012 was born in 1991…!). However, whether you were nightspot royalty then or are today, those looking to celebrate the 1980s can break out those threads again and head over to Harbor Crab in Patchogue on Friday, Aug. 17.

Starting at 7:30 p.m., the riverside restaurant and lounge is throwing an “80’s Costume Party,” with all invited to come dressed as if the calendar never arrived at 1990. Drink specials will center on beverages popular back then, and the band Drive (80s cover experts, especially the music of The Cars and The Pretenders) will provide tunes that were big after disco but before grunge.

Age of admission is 21, with no cover – and be sure to go for broke with your costumes, as a prize will go to the guest who is considered “Best Dressed.”

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