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A night at Mother Cabrini's Italian Feast

People attend the Mother Cabrini Feast at Suffolk

People attend the Mother Cabrini Feast at Suffolk Community College Campus in Brentwood. (Aug. 31, 2009) Credit: Timothy Fadek

Where do you start when it comes to the Mother Cabrini Italian Feast, an eight-day event at Suffolk County Community College in Brentwood?

The games? The rides? The food? Ah, yes, the food.

Last Friday night, the feast's opening night, we began with the sausage-and-pepper hero, which is to feast food as breathing is to life. Such a commonplace occurrence that you rarely think twice about it, but you know it's necessary to do.

The result: Outstanding.

We then moved on to the steak sandwich with mozzarella on garlic bread. Not so outstanding. A taco stand may look out of place at an Italian feast, but it curbed our appetite after the steak sandwich gone awry.

On to the games!

When your girl beats you at nearly every single carnival game ($3 per), it's time to check yourself. (Or maybe just let her carry all the stuffed animals and convince yourself that everyone else thinks you won them for her. Yeah, yeah, that's it.) It would figure that one game I did win involved throwing a ball through a toilet seat. Not sure you can get more stereotypical than that.

Time for a random thought: Was that "Mona Lisa" by Slick Rick emanating from The Zipper, one of the carnival rides there? Or was I just on such a sugar high, I was hallucinating. Nope, that was Slick Rick the Ruler.

As for  that sugar high, if you leave without eating some zeppoles, you better have a good excuse, such as they're in a bag in your hand en route to the car. We also speak highly of the fried twinkie. At $3 for one, the price is steep. But the instant reward is worth it . . . until you get to the gym the next day.

You've got until Labor Day to enjoy this food and fun fest.