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An 'Elm' grows in Southampton

The downstairs lounge at The Elm in Southampton

The downstairs lounge at The Elm in Southampton (5/28/11). Credit: Ian J. Stark

In the weeks before the Memorial Day holiday, many of the nightclubs and restaurants spent a great deal on letting the world know they would be opening and providing yet another new, luxurious celebrity hang out where they can spend massively on table service. But while all those venues were calling, emailing, advertising, tweeting and friending via Facebook, one of the more unique, new hot spots did little more than use word-of-mouth to announce their arrival.

Located at 230 Main St., 230 Elm in Southampton has a large, two-room space that sits under a thin-beamed, arched roof. Armed with lots of dancing room, the potential for large DJ parties is high -- but there is also lots of relaxed lounge ability here, with white cushions set around glowing box tables.

And that's only the upstairs...

Downstairs, there is another lounge, with another DJ booth and tables ready for bottle service. But before settling down, make sure and visit the adjacent area -- for behind that curtain are pool tables, video games and a bowling alley! It's a half-lane set-up, but unlike other Hamptons hangouts, there is much action to be found away from the dance floor.

As we toured The Elm, the brainchild of veteran nightclub impresario Mark Baker, he told us that while this may become a weekend hotspot, it will also serve the community. 

"Just let me throw my parties from 9 p.m. on Friday to Sunday at 2 a.m. The rest of the week this belongs to the neighborhood [the bar, the games]. . .and we'll be having a charity event every week."

Interested in visiting? The Elm has yet another enticing feature: its location. Right across the street from the Southampton LIRR station, it's walking distance from the trains and patrons can use the public parking sections of the LIRR0. But there is also valet parking, because after all, this is still an upscale Hamptons establishment.

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