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LI college student launches Baked with Grace stuffed cookie pie business

A birthday cake cookie pie by Baked with

A birthday cake cookie pie by Baked with Grace. Credit: @caitlin_eats_alot

"I’ve never baked in my life" so says Grace Reilly, a Farmingdale State College student who nonetheless went on to launch her own stuffed "cookie pie" business in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, Baked with Grace. "I was so bored in quarantine. I just wanted to do something."

Three weeks after baking her first-ever cookie back in May, Reilly, 21, was selling about 400 of them a week. By August, her business had grown so much, she set up shop at the Coliseum Kitchen & Caterers in Plainview, where she now turns out nearly 1,000 cookie pies a week in flavors such as birthday cake, Oreo brownie, red velvet cheesecake and cinnamon roll.

For the uninitiated, a cookie pie is a stuffed cookie that’s baked in a pie tin then embellished with sprinkles, frosting and such — in a similar vein to the over-the-top cookies offered at Duchess Cookies in Plainview, the Instagram-only seller My Cookie Dealer, and Chonky Cookies, to name a few.

The cookie pies are available in sizes small (starting at $4.40, meant to feed one) and large (starting at $7.40, feeds at least two). Reilly also puts out cookie cakes that should sastify up to 16 people. Her baked goods are all prepared and packaged in individual containers, and are at their best warmed up.

Carrying stock around the Island are Fat Boy's Burrito Co. in Bellmore, Gabby's Gourmet Bagelatessen in Woodbury, Gemelli Fine Foods in Babylon, Schmidts Market & Produce in Southampton and Coliseum Kitchen & Caterers in Plainview. Flavors vary at each location; however, all, including its gluten free options — birthday cake, Oreo and chocolate chip — are available at

As for what’s next in her lineup of baked goods, Reilly will only say it's "something that’s never been done before."

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