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Blue Point Brewery's 'Delayed' beer is coming to Penn Station's Shake Shack

Delayed, a new Pilsner by Blue Point Brewing

Delayed, a new Pilsner by Blue Point Brewing Company, will be available exclusively at Penn Station. Credit: Blue Point Brewing Co.

“Delayed” isn’t just the status of your train out of Penn Station.

Blue Point Brewery is releasing a new beer called Delayed at Shake Shack's Penn Station on Monday, Aug. 14, poking fun at the Summer of Hell with a launch party at the location during rush hour from 4 to 8 p.m.

Starting at 4 p.m., the Long Island brewery is giving free burgers to the first 100 customers to line up and buy a can of the new Pilsner.

“Myself, our brewers and our employees have spent a lot of time ‘delayed’ in Penn Station waiting for the train back to Long Island, albeit with a beer happily in hand,” Blue Point president Todd Ahsmann said in a statement Tuesday. “Since the delays are expected to increase during construction, we figured we would brew a beer perfect for that extended wait.”

Delayed, according to Ahsmann, “has just the right amount of drinkability with a touch of bitterness.” The beer’s apple-citrus aroma comes from a blend of floral, spicy hops, its honey taste from a mix of three malts.

“This beer should hold you over while you wait for the train but provide just enough bite to keep you critical of the current state of transit,” added Ahsmann, whose Patchogue-based brewery took home two silver medals for stouts in the 2017 Taste NY Governor’s Cup Craft Beer Competition.

Delayed has an alcohol by volume (ABV) of 5.8 percent, so it won’t give you too much of a buzz. And the can’s clever design, a riff on Penn Station’s departures board, is definitely worth a chuckle.

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