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Caffeine to return for reunion

The Caffeine logo. Before it became a brand

The Caffeine logo. Before it became a brand that included fashion and music, Caffeine was an extremely popular Deer Park nightclub party during the 1990s. Credit: Caffeine Promotional Group Inc/Caffeine Music Group Inc.

If you were a Long Island nightlife regular during the 1990’s, it is highly likely that you remember Caffeine.

More than just a weekly party at a local club, Caffeine was a destination that at times could draw hundreds of people to its doors and dance floors for years before transforming into a brand associated with fashion and music. It may no longer exist as a venue, but for those that remember it fondly, a reunion party is being held at Revolution Bar and Music Hall in Amityville on Saturday, June 28.

Launching in 1992 in Deer Park (on Grand Boulevard), Caffeine was unique as it provided Long Island with a recurrent bash (Friday nights) dedicated to rave culture. At the time, there were several other LI establishments that offered underground events (powered by New Wave and darker, industrial music) -- but virtually none touched the rave scene -- leaving those who enjoyed the techno beats, day-glo colors, trippy lights and long sessions of dancing found at raves to either seek out illegally-held gatherings or travel into Manhattan where such notorious, now-defunct mega-clubs as The Palladium and The Limelight were doing tremendous business. However, once Caffeine took off it not only received a heavy local crowd, but eventually a steady influx of city residents as well, soon becoming an intensely popular, nationally recognized spot that featured major DJs helming some of its happenings.

However, it ultimately found itself embroiled in legal controversy, and in 1995 the Town of Babylon permanently shuttered the club -- but Caffeine’s name remained alive as it was well-recognized to the world of dance music, lasting for several more years as a trendy fashion company, record label and promoter of traveling DJ tours. Social media also served to give continued life to Caffeine as several of its former clientele used (and continue to use) Facebook to post related old photos, fliers and recollections -- an ongoing online discussion that was invigorated earlier this year when the current Caffeine team (MichaelDJ MicroMarsicano and JohnDJ X-DreamThomas) announced that an official reunion would soon be taking place.

The night is to kick off at 10 p.m., and will not only feature Micro and X-Dream in the mix but also sets from such DJs as DNA, Onionz, Sameer, Felli, Buddy, Omar, Dave Trance, Tominator and Eddy Van Raven. 21 and over only; advance ticket purchases are available (for $16.29) at For more information, head online to, and

The Caffeine Reunion at Revolution Bar and Music Hall: 140 Merrick Rd., Amityville, 631-264-7712

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