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Canz Roadhouse opens in Patchogue

Canz-a-Citi Roadhouse on Route 112 in Patchogue

Canz-a-Citi Roadhouse on Route 112 in Patchogue is now closed. Credit: Ian J. Stark

Up until recently, the only way to check out the Canz Bar and Grill was to go to Westbury. However, as of July 1, the burgeoning franchise opens a new store on Route 112 in Patchogue.

The third in the Canz chain (there is also a location in Queens) arrives in the space that once held the South Shore Restaurant that sits within view of the north side of Sunrise Highway. Quite larger than its Westbury cousin, this spot is also designed differently – with wood walls and a collection of hubcaps hanging overhead, it is set up as a roadhouse. Another difference: the name Canz in Westbury is a double-entendre as much of the décor involves actual aluminum soda and beer cans placed almost at every turn, inside and outside. Meanwhile, the waitresses there are dressed in skimpy shorts and low-cut, sleeveless black T-shirts that draw attention to their . . . well, let's say the feminine torso.

In the Patchogue tavern, the walls are free of any cylindrical metallic liquid containers, but the female servers maintain the same dress code -- which pretty much changes the guesswork of what the title refers to.

Otherwise, the formula is the same -- a menu of sandwiches, burgers, wraps and appetizers available (for under $15), and 30 large flat screen TVs hoisted around the perimeter at about the level where the ceiling starts. There is also a standing-only patio placed in front close to the sidewalk, and the popular events the Canz are known for (wing nights, karaoke, drink specials) are all up on the announcement board in the lobby.

And as for drinks, there are dozens of different brands to choose between (generally between $4-$7) but those who need truly massive amounts of liquid refreshments can partake in half-gallon "fishbowl" cocktails that cost $30 (save the energy-drink powered "Red Bull Rocket" that goes for $40).

Hours are 11:30 a.m.-4 a.m. daily and expect a big crowd at night (there is valet parking).

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