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Chus and Ceballos at Aura Light and Sound Suite

DJs Chus and Ceballos are Chus L. Esteban,

DJs Chus and Ceballos are Chus L. Esteban, left, and Pablo Ceballos. Credit: Alberto Ortega/ Stereo Productions

It’s a common happening. Every year, Halloween provides virtually any establishment that welcomes the public in to party a gigantic boost in business, as costume bashes bring out throngs of people, ranging from social butterflies to homebodies.

Unfortunately, while bars, lounges, clubs and restaurants reap the benefits at the end of October, the downside for those among us who require frequent forays onto the dance floor is that many of those same venues tend to keep their event calendars tame between now and then — a fiscal move that is likely to result in some really quiets nights on the circuit.

However, before betting there won’t be any fist-pump worthy moments prior to the “Holiday of Boo,” take into consideration that Chus and Ceballos will be appearing at Aura Light and Sound Suite in East Meadow on Thursday, Oct. 4.

One of the world’s most-recognized dance music duos, Chus (Chus L. Esteban) and Ceballos (Pablo Ceballos), are both DJs and producers; thehailing from Spain they have an eclectic style that incorporates everything from deep house to techno. They definitely serve up a rich mix of genres when they play, but in the end, the two come together to create cohesive sessions of wild, inspiring music – and while their efforts take them around the globe, filling festival-sized arenas, Chus and Pablo will be delivering a signature set to the medium-sized (but technically adept) Aura starting after 10 p.m.

Tickets are already on sale at for $10; could be more at the door. Age of admission is 21 and older; VIP tables are available (call 516-204-5633). For more information, check out and


Aura Light and Sound Suite: 1900 Hempstead Tpke., East Meadow, 516-794-3091

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