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Cocktails, live music and sunsets on the Sound at CBBG

The view of the sunset from Cedar Beach

The view of the sunset from Cedar Beach Bar & Grill in Mount Sinai. Photo Credit: Handout

When classifying a place like the Cedar Beach Bar & Grill (CBBG) in Mount Sinai, some might use the term “hidden gem,” while others might even call it an “oasis.”

In this case, both terms do definitely apply.

The Long Island Sound is nothing like the South Shore when it comes to waterside nightlife or summer fun -- as while there are numerous clubs, bars and eateries found along canals south of Montauk Highway and on the Great South Bay, aside from the off-Sound harbors of Huntington and Port Jefferson the waters and beaches of the North Shore remain virtually venue-free. However, anyone seeking something with unique character and incredible views would do well to consider the CBBG, regardless of what else is open for warm-weather business.

It’s not the easiest of spots to locate, as it isn't on any major roads and doesn't have any exciting neighboring hangouts .?.?. or neighbors of any sort for that matter. To get there, one must take North Country Road and turn north onto Landing Road (Wikimapia notes this as in Miller Place). Follow until reaching where it forks into Landing Road (right) and Harbor Beach Road (left), and follow Harbor Beach Road until it ends (in Mount Sinai) at Cedar Beach. Once there, the parking lot is to the right, and the bar & grill is located at the concession stand (it’s the only structure anywhere nearby).

However, while there are concessions sold (think hot dogs, soda and grill food), there is also a full restaurant with seating (some under a large beach tent), and a bar with an overhead canopy. The cocktail area is otherwise open to the air, has burning tiki torches blazing, and offers a full, impeccable view of the water, the beach, the hills off in the distance and – when the conditions and time are right – the sun setting directly into the horizon.

Cedar Beach Bar & Grill actually opened last summer, but whether due to a less-than-intense marketing campaign or its solitary location far from other businesses, attention from fun-seekers only seems to be intensifying recently – which means while it does robust business, the atmosphere remains very unperturbed. Then again, there is live music nightly Thursday-Sunday starting at 5:30 p.m., so while tranquility is the norm, there are absolutely energetic moments possible as well.

The bar opens daily at noon and stays open until 10 p.m., while the kitchen serves a menu of upscale, contemporary food until 9 p.m. For more information, check online at and

Cedar Beach Bar & Grill: 1 Harbor Beach Rd, Mount Sinai, 631-928-1747


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