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Country by the canal in Freeport

Tropix on the Mile in Freeport. (June 20,

Tropix on the Mile in Freeport. (June 20, 2013) Credit: Ian J. Stark

It’s getting to the point where country music events on Long Island are expected happenings, rather than a part of a new trend in nightlife (as it was a few years ago, when there were virtually none). However, the latest affair to arrive on the scene is definitely a bit different, as it takes place outdoors and by the water.

Freeport’s Nautical Mile has a long-standing tradition of big crowds, packed bars and good times, but now one can add “boot-scooting” to the amenities as Tropix on the Mile has a Tuesday night party that offers line-dancing (with an instructional session at 6 p.m.), and live bands starting at 7 p.m. In addition, DJ Deuce will be spinning country sounds throughout the night, and even a mechanical bull – a robotic steer that shrugs and shakes in herky-jerky fashion – will be available to challenge, but keep in mind that anyone who dares to ride the clockwork cow does so at their own risk (it is surrounded by padding, and eventually most who try to "beat the bull" get tossed to the ground).

Much of this is fairly standard for a country night, but unlike most clubs, Tropix is an outdoor establishment located right along the Woodcleft Canal – so if the idea of a honky-tonk bash illuminated by a summer sunset sounds extra appealing, this might be worthy of investigation.

For more information, check out Tropix online at

Tropix on the Mile: 395 Woodcleft Ave., Freeport, 516-623-8767.

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