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Danny Krivit spinning at the Neptune Beach Club

DJ Danny Krivit was the DJ at the

DJ Danny Krivit was the DJ at the Neptune Beach Club in August. (Aug. 20 2011) Photo Credit: Jessica O'Connor

When it comes to DJs working nightclubs in the Hamptons, there’s no shortage of big names making appearances – some are known for their playing at major events in New York City, while others are actual celebrities themselves, moonlighting from their regular acting or performing gigs. However, come Saturday, Aug. 20, one of the most-recognized and respected names among DJs in the history of New York nightclubs will appear at the Neptune Beach Club in East Quogue.

He is Danny Krivit, and his resume is practically a list of all the legendary dance venues that have existed in NYC since the 1970s.

For the generations of club-going Long Islanders that made regular trips in Manhattan, now-defunct clubs like the Roxy, Limelight, Palladium, Shelter, Twilo, Sound Factory and The Tunnel were among the best-known and most-attended. Danny played them all – as would the many DJs from around the world who would come to NYC to work – helping make the five boroughs a global center for dance music. However, Krivit, a Greenwich Village native, didn’t need to travel far to reach these bars, music halls and lounges. Furthermore, growing up in New York his special style was shaped by his personal familiarity with the crowds both local and international, and remains signified by an ability to play sets of music perfectly-matched to the Big Apple club personality.

Rarely known to work here on the Island, he’ll be on the job at Neptune’s sometime after noon, following an opening set from DJ Rob James. Danny’s playlists center around house music – especially the more soulful and “deep” tracks. The records he tends to choose for play (and yes, he actually will use vinyl records during his sessions) are marked by bits of jazz, soul, funk and gospel – and are known to create positive, uplifting feelings and intense dancing. Tickets are available for $15 in advance via online purchase at (Those interested can also just show up day-of and pay only $10 before 1 p.m. – but should expect the charge to possibly rise after, plus face the risk of an incredibly long line.)


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