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Deep Roots Farmers Market opens at Garvies Point in Glen Cove

Produce from Valentine's Farm at the Deep Roots

Produce from Valentine's Farm at the Deep Roots Farmers Market in Glen Cove. Credit: Newsday/Erica Marcus

If there were an award given to the most picturesque farmers market in Nassau County, Deep Roots would be a finalist. Since early June, local farmers, purveyors and craftspeople have been gathering in Garvies Point, overlooking Glen Cove Creek and Hempstead Harbor to the west and high-rises containing newly minted luxury apartments to the south.

The name, "Deep Roots," is new, but the market is the descendant of the Sea Cliff Farmers Market founded more than a decade ago. Amy Peters has been running the market since 2014 but last summer it outgrew its original home, the yard adjacent to St. Luke’s Episcopal Church on Glen Avenue, and Peters could not find any place in the village to host it. Then one of her vendors, Nick Horman of Horman’s Best Pickles, suggested moving the 2020 market to the factory’s parking lot in Glen Cove’s Garvies Point neighborhood.

When Horman’s, which has operated in Glen Cove since 1953, moved to Garvies Point in 1992, it was truly back of the beyond, a collection of blighted industrial buildings overlooking a polluted waterway. That’s all changed in the last decade as RXR Realty spearheaded a $1 billion effort to transform the 56-acre parcel into a bustling residential district that is slated to comprise more than 1,000 condos and rentals when it is completed.

Earlier this year, Peters made a deal with RXR Realty to use the parking lot of their new luxury condominium, The Beacon At Garvies Point.

Not only does the market have a spectacular location, but also one of the best mixes of vendors on LI. There are 25 who show up every week, and another 10 who come once or twice a month. There are also a handful of craftspeople — jewelers, woodworkers — who rotate throughout the month. An adjacent area offers seating where shoppers can enjoy prepared foods and drink.

Noteworthy vendors:


Beagan Youngs Farm: The young scion of Old Brookville’s Youngs Farm works a few acres on his own, with stunning results.

Abundance Acres Farm: All the way from the Mohawk Valley upstate come pasture-raised chickens (and eggs), turkeys, ducks, beef and pork.

Valentine’s Farm: 2021 marks the first year that this ½-acre Old Brookville farm is selling its produce, all of which is biodynamic (i.e. grown without chemical inputs and in accordance with the celestial calendar).


Johnny Breads: John Dellaquila of Manhasset is a banker who has been perfecting his sourdough since 2007. He mills his own grains just before baking, and the breads are amazingly accomplished. 2021 is his first year selling to the public.

Side Hustle Breads: Jim Serpico sells his Italian-accented loaves at a handful of farmers markets and stores — as well as via home delivery. The prosciutto bread is justly celebrated.

Heritage Bakers: David Shalam’s extravagant popovers are made at his bakery-cafe just two blocks away. The plain are hard to beat, but the Parmesan-crusted ones come close.


Nelly’s Argentinian Empanadas: Plump, savory baked empanadas (turnovers) filled with all manner of vegetables, cheese, meat or Impossible vegan meat.

Southdown Coffee: The Huntington-born coffee roaster now has a location in downtown Glen Cove and is a favorite with market goers.

Conscious Kitchen: Tastefully prepared vegan salads, bowls, wraps and more.


Fingerprint Compost: If you like the idea of composting but haven’t the time or space to do so, bring your organic scraps to Brian Flores. Sign up with his service and you’ll receive compost twice a year.

Unique Sharpening: Bring your dull knives, scissors and shears to Kevin Dall in his gleaming white van and he’ll sharpen them while you shop.


Garvies Point Brewery: The local brewery sells a half dozen cans (sighted recently: Sour Batch Tiki Fruited Sour, Cryo Hazard IPA and Battalion 5 Pilsner) as well as dog treats and branded gear.

Horman’s Best Pickles: Another local business, Horman's sells quarts and pints of cucumbers pickled every which way — plus olives, peppers, slaw and much more.

P & S Seafood: This storefront-less retailer sells about two dozen varieties of seafood. Except for the shrimp and salmon, it is all local and bears the name of the fishing vessel that caught it.

Deep Roots is at 100 Garvies Point Rd., Glen Cove, 516-318-5487.

Market hours are Saturday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Vendor lists and updates are posted on the market's Facebook page.

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