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Double feature: Movies and motion

Die-hard physical fitness buff Patty Zebersky of Farmingdale

Die-hard physical fitness buff Patty Zebersky of Farmingdale running the two mile run during an informal Army Physical Fitness Challenge at Jones Beach. (Aug. 5, 2010) Credit: Newsday/J. Conrad Williams Jr.

Most decisions we make in terms of which gym to join involve price and proximity to our homes. Somewhere on that list is choice of entertainment.

Some gyms have the TVs on the wall that are hooked into radio stations, as if people bring transistor radios and walkmans to the gym these days. (Yes, I know some of the newer iPods have radio tuners.)

Some gyms have music playing through house speakers.

Some gyms have TVs hooked up to individual aerobic equipment.

Then there's Retro Fitness, with Long Island locations in Deer Park, Dix Hills and Farmingdale. They've got a movie theater inside.

That's right, a movie theater. Inside the theater is a double-digit amount of treadmills. Working out while watching a movie? Pretty cool way to pass the time. Heck, it beats looking at the "calories burned" on the machine, listening to the same playlist or trying to figure out what "Metz" really means.

The guess here is that if you go at off times, you could probably bring a movie of your choice to watch.

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