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Dough Boys, zeppoles and LI's best pizza?

The menu at Dough Boy's in North Babylon

The menu at Dough Boy's in North Babylon Credit:

The sign on the sidewalk of Deer Park Avenue in North Babylon screamed. "Long Island's Best Pizza" it said.

A bold statement, to be sure. But Dough Boys Pizza Cafe uses it as their marketing tagline. Determined to put such a statement to the test, I pulled into the parking lot and went in.

Here's the thing:  I have no idea if the pizza is any good. Why? I was distracted.

Distracted by a sign -- err, paper plate -- that read "Fresh-made zeppoles."

What? A pizza place makes made-to-order zeppoles? You mean, I don't have to wait for an Italian feast somewhere, or stumble upon a pizzeria that only makes them in mass on a Friday?

This was a delightful Saturday afternoon discovery. Six zeppoles, made fresh while I wait, for $2.50. Oh, good Lord, thank you for building a gym nearby.

As for those zeppoles, by the beard of Marcus Aurelius, they're a delight! Maybe one of these days, we'll test out that pizza, too. And take advantage of the free Wi-Fi in there.

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