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Doughnut shop Doughology opens in Lynbrook

Jackie Stiansen of Lynbrook recently opened a unique

Jackie Stiansen of Lynbrook recently opened a unique doughnut store called Doughology, after she discovered she had breast cancer. Jan 27, 2016. (Credit: Newsday / Chris Ware)

Customize your own burrito? Old hat. Your own pizza or burger or yogurt? Been there done that. At Doughology in Lynbrook, you create your own doughnut.

The sleek new store opened last week in Lynbrook, the brainchild of owners (and chief “doughologists”) Chris and Jackie Stiansen. Jackie had always wanted to run her own business and, when she was diagnosed with breast cancer two years ago (she has fully recovered), she decided to quit her job as a stockbroker and take a chance. “I had nothing to lose,” she said.

Her husband, Chris, was on board. The retired New York City police officer noted: “I know my way around a doughnut.”

The doughnuts are made at the front of the store in a Belshaw Donut Robot, a contraption that plops rounds of vanilla or chocolate dough into hot oil, lifts them onto a conveyor belt, flips them to finish cooking and then deposits them onto a rack to cool. At that point, a human intercedes to dip them in glaze (chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, peanut butter). Then, the doughnuts work their way down the bar, with the customer directing the application of one of 21 dry toppings (nuts, sprinkles, crumbs, Trix, coconut) and then fruits, jams, cheesecake filling, sauces, drizzles, whipped cream, bacon and so on.

Doughology has 12 standard “express” models — including chocolate-strawberry, apple strudel and maple bacon — that are $1.69 each, a dozen for $15.99. With one dip and three toppings, your own creation will cost $2.50.

Any doughnut that sits around for more than two or three hours becomes fodder for the breakfast special, doughnut French toast ($4.25 for two dipped and griddled doughnuts with bacon or sausage).

Coffee (from East Coast Roast in Island Park) is $1.50 for a small, $2.25 for a large.



45 Atlantic Ave., Lynbrook


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