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Draft Fantasy Football at Nutty Irishman

The Nutty Irishman of Bay Shore is set

The Nutty Irishman of Bay Shore is set to host "Got Dunes?" Sunday Feb. 10 to benefit some Fire Island communities struck by superstorm Sandy. Credit: Charles Eckert

If you or someone you know is involved in Fantasy Football, one thing is for certain: it is serious business.

Picking and managing speculative squads of NFL stars in order to create hypothetical winning teams of one's own takes acuity and dedication, which for some leads to many hours locked into PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones to keep tabs on what actual football players are doing in real games. However, when it comes to draft time, there is one option open to all those seeking to get the best teams together — without being stuck sitting in a basement or locked in a living room, teetering on folding chairs.

When Draft Day arrives, a consideration can be given to the Nutty Irishman locations, both in Farmingdale (323 Main St., Farmingdale) and Bay Shore (60 E. Main St., Bay Shore). It is there you and your fellow fantasy leaguers can take advantage of a “Fantasy Football Pack,” a deal you can order that will provide the fitting comforts of a sports bar while organizing your lineup. For $19.99 a person, (with a minimum of eight), your league can hold its draft at either of the “Irishmans” (or is it “Irishmen?”) and use free Wi-Fi plus a drafting board complete with color-coding stickers to keep efficient tabs on roster moves. In addition, a choice of six platters of pub grub foods are available (50 wings, various nachos, spinach dip, fries, zucchini sticks, three-foot hero, quesadillas, sliders), as is beer (five pitchers of Bud Light or three buckets of Bud/Bud Light bottles).

For more information, call Bay Shore at 631-969-9700, Farmingdale at 516-293-9700 or online at or and

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