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Fourth of July weekend at South Pointe in Southampton

A daybed awaits guests on the outside patio

A daybed awaits guests on the outside patio of South Pointe in Southampton. Credit: South Pointe

Although New York City is one of the world's premiere places to catch a set from those select DJs who play to intercontinental crowds, come summer the Hamptons also sees appearances from some of biggest in the business. And unlike the massive Manhattan clubs and concert halls, East End venues tend to create a much more intimate experience.

If you don't follow the world travels of celebrity music mixers, you should know that the upper echelon among them actually travel the planet to play in tremendous nightclubs, concerts and festivals -- and at times, the DJ is the main attraction, drawing crowds of thousands.

Come the summer, these top-tier DJs often come to the Hamptons to play for the jet-setting, international visitors and celebrity patrons that populate the upscale hotspots. One of those venues, South Pointe in Southampton, happens to be featuring three days' worth of such coveted mixers for the Fourth of July weekend -- a situation that puts you only feet from the booth where these people ply their trade.

Beginning on Friday, July 1, the duo of Sunnery James and Ryan Marciano arrive to showcase their singular style of pounding dance and funky beats. Working in tandem, James and Marciano have a very busy schedule for the days to follow. After South Pointe, they're headed to Las Vegas, The Netherlands and Greece.

Next on Saturday, July 2, the DJ is someone whose name may be familiar to many, but not for presenting loud, rhythmic tunes. He is Rony Seikaly, and yes, he is the same gentleman who was once a professional player in NBA franchises in Miami, Golden State (Oakland), Orlando and the New Jersey Nets. Also a purveyor of big, speaker-rattling club music, he'll be working the night in Southampton before traveling to Miami the next day for a gig, then to Las Vegas the following evening for yet another.

Finally, for Sunday, July 3, Joey Youngman aka "Wolfgang Gartner" will be at the center of the action. Nominated for a 2011 Grammy Award for best remixed recording (nonclassical), Youngman is a successful producer as well, specializing in the form of dance known as "electro" -- which combines dance beats and a wall of computerized sounds. He'll be popping up in Poland, Ireland and Belgium later in the month, but for the "night before the fireworks," he'll be east of the Shinnecock Canal at South Pointe.

Doors open at 10 p.m. for a cover that runs an average of $30 to $50 (but is subject to change), while table service can be had for about $1,500 for the outside.

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