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Fresh cooking tips to use right now

Here are some cooking tips from the book "101 Things I Learned in Culinary School" by Louis Eguaras and Matthew Frederick:

1. Never dip a measuring cup directly into the flour. The flour will compact, resulting in up to 20 percent more flour than you want. To measure flour accurately, use a measuring cup that is exactly one cup to the brim. Fill it to overflowing with a scoop or spoon, then level with a knife.

2. To give your sauces a perfect velvety texture and rich sheen, add a few ounces of cold, unsalted butter at the end of the cooking. The proteins in the butter act like an emulsifier, giving the whole flavor a greater sum than the parts. In larger quantities, the butter acts as a thickener.

3. Stop cooking meat sooner than you think: Many cooks inadvertently overcook meats when they are using a meat thermometer to judge internal temperature. Food not only continues to cook after being removed from heat, its internal temperature will continue to rise for several minutes as heat from the food's warmer outside continues moving toward the cooler inside. Therefore, meats should be removed from a heat source when the internal temperature is slightly lower than the target temperature.

4. Be mindful when you salt: Adding salt early in the cooking process gives you a better opportunity to evaluate and adjust the dish.

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