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Fresh vegetables and supermarket lighting

Don't worry that strong lighting in supermarkets is bad for fresh vegetables. In fact, it can actually increase their nutrient levels.

In a recent USDA study, spinach was stored in clear plastic containers under fluorescent lights for three to nine days, which caused the leaves to synthesize more vitamin C, K and E, and folate, as well as carotenoids such as lutein.


Don't milk it


If you think you are lactose-intolerant and cannot consume dairy products, get tested by your doctor to make sure that is indeed the problem. Many people mistakenly think they have lactose intolerance, according to an expert panel recently convened by the National Institutes of Health. Even people who do have trouble digesting lactose (milk sugar) can usually digest a cup of milk with no (or only minor) symptoms, especially if they consume it with food.


Quit gradually


If you're trying to quit smoking, going cold turkey isn't the only option. Smokers who cut down gradually until they stop on a designated "quit day" are as likely to succeed as those who quit abruptly, according to a recent review by the Cochrane Collaboration.

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