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Fun with FTW Wrestling in Ronkonkoma

Fight the World Pro Wrestling on May 29,

Fight the World Pro Wrestling on May 29, 2010 Credit: Handout

Here's the thing about independent wrestling leagues: There's an aura of believability about it.

The small venue. The small but vocal crowd. The chance for a fan to chop a wrestler in the chest. The possibility a fan's crutch could be used in an extreme rules match.

So when Dan Barry, the Gen-X champion of Fight the World Wrestling, a Ronkonkoma-based promotion with shows every month at Centre Island Sports, yells derogatory things to a spectator, you think he really means it. And when a young girl yells back at him, you think some furniture is going to be moving around if these two wind up in the same room.

ExploreTV dispatched a cameraman -- me! -- to capture the happenings at FTW's "Scars and Stripes" show during Memorial Day weekend. Watch the video below.

It was quite an enjoyable night. Long, sure, but the main event between The Grim Reefer and Jay Lover yielded a high return on investment.

Definitely give it a look-see one day. You might even come across such old-school wrestlers as Jake "The Snake" Roberts and Tommy Dreamer.

Tickets are mad cheap ($15-$20) for a full night of entertainment from co-promoters Brian Balch and Sean Stern. Next show is July 10. Watch the video below to see how to find out more info about FTW. Or at least watch the video, then click on

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