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Great milk shakes: Long Island's best?



This past weekend, I made it a point to not leave Montauk without enjoying a banana shake from John's Drive-In. In fact, I stopped in before dinner to find out what time they closed.

Heck, if they were going to close early for some reason, I needed to know about that before going to dinner. Nothing wrong with dessert before dinner, despite what Mom keeps telling you.

They close at midnight on summer Saturdays, which provided ample time to eat dinner at Gosman's Dock (good lobster tails, so-so prime rib), digest and head over to John's for my annual summer treat. Seriously, if I go to Montauk, even for an hour, and don't leave there with a banana milk shake, I question my contribution to society.

With each sip on the drive home, I began to think about the best milk shakes of my lifetime. I decided that the banana milk shake from John's Drive-In in Montauk is the best milk shake I've ever had on Long Island. It definitely brings all the boys and girls to the yard.

That's a bold proclamation, I agree, which is why I'm curious to know your choice. And so here we go on the quest for the Great Shake.

Take a moment to think about the best combination of milk shake you've ever had on Long Island and share it with us in the comments section below.

Who knows, maybe we'll do a taste-testing story based on your suggestions. Or we'll all just meet up at the local fitness center to work off our shakes.

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