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Hop Scotch Bottle Shop, a beer store and café, opens in Deer Park

A charcuterie board and double IPA at Hops

A charcuterie board and double IPA at Hops Scotch Bottle Shop, which has opened in Deer Park. Credit: Newsday/Corin Hirsch

The words "beer" and "nutrition" do not often come in the same breath. For Mark Doublet, a longtime home brewer, the two were always inextricably linked. "I was obsessed with ingredients [then], and still am today," said Doublet.

That makes sense for someone who trained as a dietitian and currently works as a certified diabetes educator. A decade of home brewing, and of appreciating the mechanics behind a good pint, have led Doublet down a parallel path. Earlier this month, after years of planning, he opened a unique beer store that also doubles as an education space and cafe — Hops Scotch Bottle Shop, wedged on an industrial-esque stretch of Long Island Avenue in Deer Park, in a former massage parlor.

Hop Scotch, named for Doublet's dual love of beer and Scotch eggs (yup), is like an elegant, minimalist oasis of beer, its bleached-wood shelves dotted with cans from craft breweries such as Connecticut's Kent Falls Brewing Co. and, closer to home, Mikkeller Brewing NYC and Threes Brewing. At the back are nine taps of beer for growler fills ($18 to $25), with one given over to house sodas from Doublet's longtime friend, Ryan Brymer (last week, a raspberry cream soda dubbed Razz CreamDream).

Culinary-school grad Brymer also puts together a mean charcuterie board, loaded with Italian cured meats and New York state cheeses, and has dreamed up bites such as BLT crostini to pair with the beer here — because everything on tap is available by the glass, too (delicate stemmed tulip glasses, to be exact), whether sours from New Jersey or an exquisite saison from Texas' Jester King.

If you like it, though — if you really like it — be sure to grab a growler. "We won't ever have the same beer twice," on tap, said Doublet. He knows that might irk some, but approaches his lineup with a so much beer, so little time ethos. "We really want to show how much amazing beer there is, and we only off the tip of the iceberg."

Hop Scotch Bottle Shop, 848 Long Island Ave., Deer Park. 631-492-9125. Open 4 p.m. to 9 p.m. Thursday and Friday, noon to 9 p.m. on Saturday and noon to 6 p.m. on Sunday. Check website for upcoming workshops.

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