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In season: Fruits and vegetables that are freshest now

They're almost gone, but you can still get

They're almost gone, but you can still get New York strawberries.

Not only does in-season produce taste best, it also tends to be at its least expensive. Of course "in season" is a relative term in this global food market and, while it's best to hunt and gather fruits and vegetables as close to home as possible, it's not always realistic.

Understanding that many of us pick up our produce at the local grocery store, we garnered the following list of food items from Fairway Market foodie and blogger Hannah Howard. Fairway carries many items that are grown close to home, but also offers produce that we want but might be in peak season elsewhere. So, no matter where you bag your produce, the list below should generally guide you to what's currently at its best.

Here are some recipes, too, to help you make the most of the freshest fruits and veggies to be had.


SPINACH, LETTUCES It's officially salad season, and many greens are coming from area farms, including local spinach, local Boston lettuces and New Jersey Romaine.


Grilled Romaine, strawberry and chicken salad

Spinach salad with warm strawberry-rhubarb dressing

Salmon Nicoise salad (good with either Romaine or Boston lettuce)


BLUEBERRIES Hailing from New Jersey.


Lemon pound cake with basil blueberries

Blueberry cobbler




3 Simple savory peach dishes (including a peach and goat cheese quesadilla)


STRAWBERRIES From New York state. Howard tells us they're on their way out, so grab some soon.


Strawberry-basil granita

Pavlovas with sorbet and strawberries

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