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Kreators arrives with art in mind (and on its walls)

A journal awaits guests to open and add

A journal awaits guests to open and add to at Kreators Bar in Mount Sinai. (April 25, 2013) Credit: Ian J. Stark

During the past few years, a crop of creative-minded bars have opened on Long Island -- pubs that pass on simply serving drinks, hosting bands and providing a place for pool. These spots, while virtually standard in city boroughs like Brooklyn and Manhattan, are still fairly rare on LI .?.?. but their numbers are slowly increasing.

Today, hangs like The Cortland in Bay Shore (27 W. Main St., 631-206-2220), The Leaky Lifeboat in Seaford (3603 Merrick Rd., 516-804-3203), The Nest in East Meadow (382 A East Meadow Ave., 516-227-6378), Tap and Barrel in Smithtown (550 Smithtown Bypass, 631-780-5474) and Velvet Lounge in Setauket (10 Woods Corner Rd., 631-751-7575) specialize in presenting offbeat promotions, indie music and craft beer – and while the amount of like-minded venues still remains small compared to the amount of sports bars, lounges, clubs and late-night eateries (and neighborhood watering holes) that offer a more mainstream experience -- the ranks of the alternate sort have recently expanded by one: Kreators Bar.

Opening recently in Mount Sinai (April 12), Kreators has taken over the space formerly home to Ric Jamison's Sports Bar and has continued with some of its predecessor’s trappings, namely the ability to play pool and darts. But now, the attitude has switched from neighborhood tavern to a place to engage the Island’s artistic community – a goal announced by the sign above the door (reading “Where artists come to gather”).

The decor is sparse, but deliberately so, as the wall space is designed to be filled with works created by local painters, those who sketch, illustrators and others (with a few selections already in place). Anyone interested in hanging something only need come down and discuss the possible addition with the owners, Kenny and Robin Bones, who can be found behind the bar. Artists can sell their work via Kreators as well. There’s no hanging fee, but the house does charge a 20-percent commission.

Then again, visitors can come without a showpiece in hand and still get creative, as the stage is open for bands, spoken word and other kinds of performances at all times (save when something is already scheduled). In addition, there is a “guest book” which is open for clientele to sketch or write in – and there are even pencils placed next to the journal for public use. In fact, the owners invite people to simply come down for a drink, with Robin Bones noting, “If you wander in and just want to draw at the bar, go ahead,” then adding with a laugh to “just be sure and let anyone know you are planning to draw them first.”

For more on Kreators Bar, check it out online at

Kreators Bar: 342 Rt. 25A, Mount Sinai, 631-509-4930

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