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Lunch box combos: two weeks' worth of ideas

A healthy packed lunch of whole wheat pasta

A healthy packed lunch of whole wheat pasta with pesto, grape tomatoes and olives. (Aug. 7, 2012) Credit: Doug Young

Some combinations of lunch items make more sense than others. To get you started, here are two weeks' worth of ideas. Increase portions for older children.


Monday: mozzarella balls, grape tomatoes, breadsticks, square of chocolate

Tuesday: whole-wheat pasta with pesto, grape tomatoes, olives

Wednesday: sliced turkey or chicken chunks, Romaine lettuce, Caesar salad dressing, croutons, dried apricots

Thursday: hard-boiled eggs, carrots and celery, whole-grain crackers, oatmeal cookie

Friday: whole-wheat tortilla, sliced banana, peanut butter, dried cranberries


Monday: hummus, whole-wheat pita, cucumber spears, yogurt-covered raisins

Tuesday: cheddar cheese and crackers, grapes, pumpkin seeds

Wednesday: ham and cheese on whole-wheat bread, strawberries, pretzels

Thursday: tortilla chips and salsa, jack cheese, black beans, pineapple chunks

Friday: roast beef on a mini bagel, salad dressing, salad greens, baked potato chips

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