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M&M’s asks readers to select new peanut flavor

Actor Tony Hale partners with M&Ms to launch

Actor Tony Hale partners with M&Ms to launch the Flavor Vote campaign where America can vote for their favorite new M&'s peanut flavor on Tuesday, April 5, 2016, in New York, N.Y. Photo Credit: AP

Gone are the days when adding plain peanuts to M&M’s was living on the edge. In 2016, it’s all about the new flavors. 

M&M’s has debuted three new flavors: Honey Nut, Coffee Nut and Chili Nut, and is asking fans to choose which flavor should be the newest addition to join Original Peanut on the shelves.

The people in our office were eager to get their hands on these flavors. How would the newcomers stack up? We decided to conduct a taste test.

Honey Nut got one vote in favor of tasting like the similarly-named Honey Nut Cheerios cereal, while another taste-tester said she thought it tasted exactly like Original Peanut M&M. Most of the responses were varied. Someone commented about cotton-candy sweetness, while another person reported the coating felt harder than that of a traditional M&M. Overall, 'twas a pretty positive review.

Coffee Nut was more divisive. One of our taste-testers, who had commented that the honey flavor in Honey Nut only lasted for a few seconds before disappearing, was pleasantly surprised to find that the coffee flavor in this candy was much more pervasive than its predecessor. Others said they “like it;” they “hate it;” and “it tastes like coffee.” Two people commented - at separate times - that it at first tasted like coffee and then like burnt popcorn.

We had everyone try Chili Nut last, as it was arguably the strongest flavor of all. Spicy-food lovers were pleased and enjoyed the spicy after-taste. Those with a more sensitive palate were... less enthused.

Readers can find out more information about purchasing and tasting the new flavors and casting their votes at






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