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'Main Street Drivers' take you out, in your own car

If this was your car, Main Street Drivers

If this was your car, Main Street Drivers would drive it for you. Anyone heading out in the Hamptons can hire Main Street Drivers to drive their own personal vehicle, door-to-door, to and from any location or locations. Credit: Main Street Drivers

With Memorial Day weekend only days away, party people start worrying about such frivolous things as wearing the right clothes, attending the best events and other necessities of fun … but of course, there are more important concerns, especially those that involve going out and then getting home safely.

Designated drivers are a mandatory part of nightlife. Most groups of friends have someone among them who doesn’t mind passing up cocktails, craft beer and champagne in order to make sure his or her colleagues avoid both tragedy and incarceration due to a DWI. But, for those who would like to truly play it safe and free up all in your social circle to sample libations, there is an option to be found in the Hamptons for any summer occasion: Main Street Drivers (MSD).

The ‘Drivers are exactly that – individuals hired to drive your car, providing door-to-door service. Naturally, there are limos and car services that can pick up and drop off customers in similar fashion -- but unlike those companies, Main Street Drivers cost only $40 hourly (minimum three consecutive hours; drivers receive a 20% gratuity) -- while the other aforementioned chauffeurs can run an average $150-$200 an hour, if not more. Available around the clock at any time, a hired MSD coachman – behind the wheel of your personal automobile – will make whatever stops asked, take you and your group wherever requested and even drop the car off back at your house or office at the end of the evening if desired. Furthermore, clients receive a bio of their driver, with full contact information (phone number and email address) in order to ensure your vehicular curator can be easily contacted throughout any excursion.

For a full breakdown of all the rates and services offered, or to make reservations, check online at or call 631-287-6246. Bookings are suggested to be made at least 24 hours in advance; there are customized tours of the North Fork’s wineries available as well.