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Make your own chocolates at The Sundae Palace in New Hyde Park

At The Sundae Palace in New Hyde Park,

At The Sundae Palace in New Hyde Park, customers can buy freshly made chocolates, or buy supplies to make their own. Credit: Newsday / Erica Marcus

Here’s a Valentine’s Day gift that says “I love you” even louder than handmade chocolates: chocolates you make with your own two hands.

The Sundae Palace in New Hyde Park sells everything you need to create your own molded chocolate hearts, flowers or lips — or to dip your own fruits, cookies or pretzels. Bags of easy-to-melt milk, dark or white chocolate are $4.80 a pound, and the store has thousands of easy-release molds to choose from. (If your sweetheart isn’t the sentimental type, why not present him or her with a chocolate pizza, chocolate dump truck or chocolate rolling pin?)

Aurora Masi Hirshfeld, who owns the store with sisters Gina Masi and Maria Masi Schampier are happy to supply confectionary advice as well as supplies. And, if making chocolate isn’t your thing, The Sundae Palace sells its own classic chocolate candies for $22.99 a pound. Satin or velvet Valentine’s Day boxes range from $14.99 (1⁄4 pound) to $54.99 (2 pounds). Chocolate-covered long-stemmed strawberries are $3 apiece.

The Masi sisters grew up in New Hyde Park and started shopping at The Sundae Palace shortly after it opened in 1977. Back then, it focused on chocolate-making supplies, not chocolates. The girls used to create confections in the kitchen at home — for themselves and for friends celebrating birthdays and holidays. When their friends got married, the Masi sisters supplied the wedding favors. When their friends had children, the Masi sisters made chocolate pops for the baptisms.

When the original owner decided to sell in 2008, the sisters bought it without hesitation. With their chocolate-making expertise, they expanded the store’s candy production so that it now makes up about half of total sales.

The Sundae Palace is usually closed on Sunday but it will be open Feb. 14.

The Sundae Palace

1115 Jericho Tpke., New Hyde Park


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