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McFadden's 'Farewell Tour 2013'

The dance floor is packed on a Friday

The dance floor is packed on a Friday night at McFadden's Rockville Centre. (Jan. 8, 2010) Credit: David Pokress

Throughout Monday, April 1, posts on the McFadden's Rockville Centre Facebook page kept mentioning a “farewell tour,” noting how there are only a limited number of remaining Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays before the bar would be closing its doors for good…which all seemed to be a joke, as this announcement was synchronous with April Fools' Day.

But as it turns out, these edicts were not jests, for McFadden’s will indeed be shutting down in May.

However, this is more than just a simple closure (a happening that at first seems odd as this RVC spot has been successful for years, regularly receiving bubbling, youthful, boisterous weekend attendance) for as it turns out, the shuttering will be followed by summer-long renovations. (Refurbishments, repairs and reduction in business hours for landlocked bars, clubs and lounges are not an uncommon occurrence between Memorial Day and Labor Day, as spots in the Hamptons, Fire Island, Long Beach and Freeport tend to draw the heavier nightlife business due to the presence of waterside/ dock-equipped venues.)

Although the full details of what’s to come are still evolving, publicized plans include an expansion of the kitchen and the adding of more televisions, in order to push the establishment toward more of a sports bar-type identity; a name change is also likely to occur.

In the meanwhile, McFadden’s will continue with its usual roll of themed events until the end, via the aforementioned “farewell tour.” Upcoming parties include a country music-inspired “Cowboys & Cowgirls” affair (Friday, April 5), a “Saturday Night Fever” bash (Saturday, April 13), a “Real American/Superhero” party (April 19), a Cinco De Mayo Eve fiesta (May 4) – all to be capped by a “Closing Time" finale (May 18). For more details on what McFadden’s will be doing, hosting and throwing before it’s through, check online at and

McFadden’s RVC: 210 Merrick Rd., Rockville Centre, 516-442-2600

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