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Meeting and meatballs at That Meetball Place

The sign over That Meetball Place in Patchogue.

The sign over That Meetball Place in Patchogue. (Dec. 27, 2013) Credit: Ian J. Stark

In a time when misspellings are almost an expected occurrence (see social media posts and Long Island highway exits for examples), it’s easy to assume upon first seeing the sign for That Meetball Place in Patchogue that its orthographical error is to be yet another blow to the collective psyche of area English teachers – however, in this case it’s no mistake.

In fact, a quick check of the Facebook page for this new pub and restaurant (opening in the hamlet’s village in mid-December) explains that the switch of an extra “e” for the proper “a” in “meatball” was purposely done to demonstrate that it’s not just an eatery that serves spherical edibles, but also a spot to mingle by stating that it’s a “place to MEET & have a BALL!”

Of course, the menu of meatballs available in various sauces and styles is the venue’s main feature – but on weekends it stays open until 3 a.m., and as of this writing the place’s sizeable main room has often stayed fairly busy until late.

Expect a casual-but-neatly dressed crowd (age 25-40) if coming by for an evening visit. The lights are kept dim, but the exposed brick walls and plain-polished wood bar are still visible enough to make the space seem years older than its actual recent arrival. The house system music is played loud, with a predominance of ‘90s rock serving as the main sound (however, there have also been live bands on Friday nights).

Anyone seeking libations will also find much from which to choose, as the chalk board behind the bar offers a number of craft beers – while the cocktail menu suggests such signature mixes as the “Sandy Navel” (a fuzzy navel with hard iced tea) and the “Eye Ball Opener” (with vanilla vodka and espresso), as well as a strong margarita that packs a serious punch.

For more information on That Meetball Place, visit them online at

That Meetball Place: 54 West Main St., Patchogue, 631-569-5888

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