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My Father's Place lives online

Undated photo of Rick Derringer performing at Roslyn's

Undated photo of Rick Derringer performing at Roslyn's popular club " My Father's Place." The club will be the first venue to be inducted into the LI Music Hall of Fame 2010. Photo Credit: MRG Ventures, Inc. / Steve Rosenfield

The place closed down in 1987, which tells me I was born a few years too late.

Far before my concert-going days, Long Islanders rocked and rolled at My Father's Place in Roslyn.

Closed for more than 20 years, My Father's Place lives on through memories, Tuesday night's induction into the Long Island Music Hall of Fame and quite a few fan pages on Facebook.

We posted Sunday's newspaper story about My Father's Place by Glenn Gamboa on our Facebook page, and the magic happened. Have a look at some of the comments we got.

"Wow, memories! We went there all the time!!" said commentor FunTales4U. e1tech wondered aloud, “if our kids had any idea!" while rufus1212 shared a bit of My Father’s Place trivia: "You could tell when someone went there, their windshield was covered in Pigeon cr@p from parking under the via-duct."

But the music made the deepest mark. "Opening nite with Richie Havens, the best !!" said commentor lobster; "Lets not forget the Good Rats...RAT ON!!!", according to rufus1212.

For our Facebook fan Robert L. Olson, the story brought back memories of a James Brown sighting, “when he was going through a musical death valley during the disco era.” And Steven E Kent saw Hall & Oates there “b4 anyone ever heard me them. Their album 'Abandoned Luncheonette' had just been released.

Our commentors were often in the audience, but one said he stepped on the stage the night after a rock legend left his mark. According to Jeff Malmud: "Played there once - the ceiling over the stage was in pieces! It seems that Iggy Pop had gotten carried away the previous night and wrecked the ceiling over the stage with a mic stand. Playing there was a highlight of my musical career. Eppy later took us downstairs into what looked like a carpeted sauna to share his thoughts and goodies. BTW the reason the tables looked like they did was because they were made from the wood lanes of the bowling alley which was there before the club."



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