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Nightlife spotlight: DJs Razor & Guido

DJs Peter “Razor” Osback and Guido Osorio, who

DJs Peter “Razor” Osback and Guido Osorio, who work together as the DJ duo “Razor & Guido." Credit: Peter Osback

The overall scene that includes DJs, dance music and nightclubs may be international, and New York City is a capital of that global circuit, but Long Island — with its frequent events at area venues, arenas and in the Hamptons — also plays a major part.

Local DJs certainly add to the Island’s nightlife stature, as there are homegrown talents that not only have strong followings and are recognized outside of Long Island by the worldwide dance community for their mixing skills, but have also contributed music of their own.

The DJ duo of Peter Osback and Guido Osorio, better known as “Razor & Guido,” are a good example.

Originally from Hicksville, over the past two decades they have remixed for well-known recording artists — and are also wholly responsible for the 1998 classic club track and dance radio standard “Do It Again” — yet notable accomplishments aside, the pair can be found (either together or separately) working at Island spots regularly during the week. ExploreLI checked in with the duo to chat career, music and what’s to come.

Where did it all begin for you two?

Razor: [The] first club we played was called “Industry” in Island Park, back in the ‘90's.

What do you consider your biggest tracks?

Razor: In the past, one of the biggest songs we produced was called “Do it Again.” Some of our biggest songs (that Razor & Guido have remixed) that get played [on the radio and in clubs] are “This Joy” (by artist Vernessa Mitchell), "Mo Money Mo Problems” (The Notorious B.I.G.) “Unspeakable Joy” (Kim English) , “Release Me” (Veronica), "Bulletproof” (La Roux), "Hotel Nacional” (Gloria Estefan), “I'll Say it” (Kathy Griffin), "Broken Hearted,” “Hello” (Karmin), "Fast Car” (Tio Cruz), "Rum & Raybans” (Sean Kingston) .?.?. and [will be soon releasing] “White Light " (George Michael).

What’s the story behind “Do It Again?”

Guido: “Do it Again” was made during a party at our house. We were just playing around in the studio with a song called “Fly Life” by the Basement Jaxx. We were trying to make something like it [but] with a Latin flavor. Our friends were making noises and we were trying to record them. We kept having them do numerous takes and after each take we kept saying “Do it again.” Somebody said “Hey, just name this song ‘Do It Again" .?.?. and that was it. We had the person with the deepest voice in the room say “Do it again.” (That take was chosen as the song’s refrain.) A year went by after its release and it was played on radio .?.?. then the phones started to ring and it became “the little record that could.”

Name some other career highlights.

Razor: We did a few songs for the TV show “Queer as Folk.” Our coolest thing we did [during the] past year was a musical mashup for a pyrotechnics show at Citi Field (following a Mets game on July 3, 2012). It [consisted of about] 75 songs edited and mixed into 10 minutes.

Anything new on the horizon?

Razor: We are writing on our own productions, for some new singles with various artists, [as well as] doing a mix for a new line dance song called “STOP.” It's a fun project that we are happy to be a part of .?.?. we would love to say more but don't want to jinx anything before it is [set] in stone.

Where on the Island (or anywhere else) can we find you working these days?

Razor: We travel around the globe, [but] when we play [locally] you can find us at places like Aura (1900 Hempstead Tpke., East Meadow, 516-794-3091), Wall Street (573 Nesconset Hwy., Hauppauge, 631-656-6550) K Pacho (1270 Union Tpke., New Hyde Park, 516-358-2222), Four Food Studio (515 Broadhollow Rd., Melville, 631-577-4444) [and] Pacha (618 West 46th St., Manhattan, 212-209-7500) .?.?. or even at a close friend’s wedding.

*For more about Razor & Guido, check online at

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