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Painters in Brookhaven is back

The sign for the recently reopened Painters in

The sign for the recently reopened Painters in Brookhaven. (Nov. 27, 2013) Credit: Ian J. Stark

Following a small fire that damaged its kitchen and offices in early May 2012, Painters restaurant and bar in Brookhaven closed its doors, and at that time its ownership announced the closure for repairs would be brief.

Locally known for its food, live music and event calendar, Painters was also notable for the dozens of paintings that hung all over its walls and ceiling. The spot then further built on its artsy identity by allowing guests to draw on brown paper scrolled across each of the venue’s tables at any time.

But despite the promise of a quick return, Painters never resumed -- and by October that same year, a For Sale sign had appeared in its front yard.

At the same time, while Painters remained physically sealed, its Facebook page stayed active -- and public posts from visitors continued – indicating there were still devoted clientele that wouldn't give up hope of a comeback. The posts from Painters “friends” continued to appear regularly, with some wondering if there would ever be an update on what had caused the business’ closure. That answer never arrived -- but on Wednesday, Sept. 18, 2013, the Painters page posted this response:

“Looking to reopen later this fall. Follow us on FB (Facebook) for updates and an eventual opening date as we begin to get closer.”

As it turns out, that opening date was Wednesday, Nov. 27.

Just in time for the holiday season, Painters is back in action, serving a full menu and offering late-night parties. And although it’s hard to make an overall judgment concerning its fate from the reopening bash (which took place during the evening before Thanksgiving, a massive club night), a heavy crowd did fill the bar and dance floor, with many staying until close. And art is still perched at every turn and doodling paper is still waiting on every table.

Painters: 416 South Country Rd., Brookhaven, NY 631-803-8593

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