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Parlay Gastropub opens for business in Rockville Centre

The crowd at Parlay Gastropub in Rockville Centre.

The crowd at Parlay Gastropub in Rockville Centre. (April 3, 2014) Credit: Ian J. Stark

As of the first weekend in April, Parlay Gastropub in Rockville Centre officially opened for business.

Its actual arrival had been a point of nightlife discussion for most of the past year, starting when the tavern that was previously located at Parlay’s current address – McFadden’s RVC – announced it would be shuttering in May of 2013. Regularly drawing a young, raucous lot that interfaced with its dance-on-the-bar attitude, McFadden’s stayed busy until the end – and even went as far as to pass on the knowledge that a new venue would be taking over its facilities, likely by the end of that summer.

That unnamed next tenant’s inaugural date ended up shifting quite a bit, but at last, all those curious to see what has become of the space at 210 Merrick Rd. are now welcome to investigate as the Grand Opening of Parlay is already underway tonight (Friday, April 4), following a special VIP affair held yesterday.

What to expect? For starters, it’s quite different from what McFadden’s offered. Parlay management has made it clear that this new spot is a restaurant first – and its stocked menu of thought-out American dinner (and weekend brunch) food certainly makes that clear. On the other hand, a nightlife component is also part of Parlay’s intended game plan – but whether it will extend beyond a pub experience into DJ nights and live performances is still yet to be decided.

Upon entry, guests will find themselves in a long room, as Parlay reaches from its front end on Merrick Road to its rear door that opens to Lincoln Avenue, the next nearest road. The space is mostly bar on one side; there are large flat screen TVs along that tap wall, as well as a number of spigots tagged (by actual tags) to serve several brands of craft beers – with suds poured in weizen glasses (23 oz.; made to hold wheat beer), snifters (16 oz.), or by the pint. Some of Parlay’s hops-powered options include Long Island-brewed beers (companies like Great South Bay, Long Ireland, Greenport Harbor and Blue Point) and hip potations like Angry Orchard Cider and Pabst Blue Ribbon (yes, the old American classic beer is also a trendy choice, but be sure and call it a “PBR” if ordering).

Guests may take their drinks and either stick to the bar, or move across the room to the opposite wall, where five lengthy wooden biergarten tables and some lounge couches are positioned. Wine, soft drinks and cocktails are also available – with one of the latter being a 56 oz. fruity rum goblet beverage named “Parlay Passion” (there are advertisements for a full cocktail menu mentioned on the Parlay Facebook page).

For more information, call 516-442-2600 or visit Parlay online at

*Parlay Gastropub is located at 210 Merrick Rd. in Rockville Centre.

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