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Pen pal night at The Cortland

On Monday evenings at The Cortland in Bay

On Monday evenings at The Cortland in Bay Shore, guests are invited to write to various addresses as part of its weekly “Pen Pal Night.” Credit: iStock

Before heading to The Cortland on a Monday night, you may want to first practice your penmanship.

In this era of electronic communication (such as emails, texting and social media), the number of people still frequently conversing via written letters sent and received by the U.S. Postal Service has dropped (for more details, check out a 2010 USPS survey by clicking HERE) — but The Cortland pub in Bay Shore might just end up putting a local micro-dent in that decline by inviting the public to take part in its weekly “Pen Pal Night.”

Already known as one of LI’s most innovative saloons, The Cortland’s latest promotion runs every Monday from 7 p.m.-10 p.m. There’s no cover charge, and all stamps, postcards, stationary, pens and paper are also free; the only provisos are that partakers purchase a drink (each beverage scores the buyer three cost-covered letters), and that all mail is return-addressed to the bar (27 W. Main St., Bay Shore).

The endgame? Once this event starts rolling and the letters reach all intended recipients, contributors will return to The Cortland on future Monday nights to potentially receive any written responses, and those who do will be told by staffers, “You have mail.” (The Cortland will contact letter writers via email or social media in advance if and when replies have come.)

Participants are welcome to correspond with anyone they choose, including friends and family — but Cortland management has also obtained several addresses for pen pal use, ranging from celebrities, famous athletes and politicians to children in need seeking a friendly note.

For more information, connect with The Cortland by phone (631-206-2220) or socially (

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