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Photography exhibit in Huntington

"Nockamixon, PA_01" by Joan Powers, whose photographs will

"Nockamixon, PA_01" by Joan Powers, whose photographs will be exhibited in a solo show titled "Umbra" at fotofoto gallery in Huntington opening March 12. Credit: Joan Powers Credit: Joan Powers/

Landscapes aren't all just poppy fields and cliffs with lighthouses. Joan Powers proves this in her solo exhibit "Umbra" that opens Saturday at fotofoto gallery in Huntington.

In 15 black and white photographs, Powers beckons the viewer to come closer and assess what they're taking in.

In one, shades of grey and black make trees along a beach shroud the lake and rocks.

"It's the mysteriousness of almost a fog kind of a feeling," she says of the image. "The idea was it's landscape, but realizing that everyone's landscape is not the same."

Powers -- who has worked as a professional photographer for more than four decades and exhibited her work across the United States, Asia and Europe --  says she was inspired by the current state of the world, mired in conflicts and poverty.

"I've always felt like the glass is half full, and I'm sort of feeling that it's sort of approaching empty," she says.

That sentiment is evident in the photos that were taken with a low-tech camera and printed to portray the images out of focus.

"I'm using this little plastic camera . . . It's sort of going back to basics in this time of technology," Powers says. "The intensity of the black and dark grays with barely distinguishable tones gives the mysterious, foreboding nature I sought."

Viewers will have to "work harder to get the essence of the image" by having a closer look, she says. "I hope it fires up their imagination, so they can start thinking about issues and their place in the world."

Joan Powers solo exhibition "Umbra"

When and where. E 5-7 p.m. Saturday for opening reception and signing of Joan Powers' book "Fotographa," at foto foto gallery, 372 New York Ave., second floor, Huntington. Exhibit continues through April 17. Gallery hours: 5 p.m.-8 p.m. Friday, 12 p.m.-8 p.m. Saturday, 12 p.m.-4 p.m. Sunday.

Price.  Free

Info. 631-549-0448 or

Photo detail is "Nockamixon, PA_01" by Joan Powers, whose photographs will be exhibited in a solo show "Umbra"  at foto foto gallery in Huntington, opening March 12. Credit: Joan Powers

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