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Play “Rock-Paper-Scissors” at The Cortland

The Cortland in Bay Shore

The Cortland in Bay Shore Credit: Barbara Alper

When you think of a night out at a tavern, you think of the many bar games people play to stay entertained -- anything from video poker to trivia, maybe shooting pool, throwing darts, even karaoke and Guitar Hero. However, the clever crew at The Cortland in Bay Shore has once again found an easy way to amuse their patrons -- and there's a good chance you were playing this one back in the schoolyard.

Every Thursday starting around 9:30 p.m., the pub is holding a "Rock-Paper-Scissors" tournament.

Just in case you don't know the time-tested sport, it involves two contestants calling out a hand "shoot" (usually on the count of three) -- upon which both participants will throw a either a hand (paper), a closed fist (rock) or two fingers in V-formation (scissors). The rules: paper covers rock, rock crushes scissors, scissors cut paper. The player whose choice destroys the other wins.

At the Courtland tourney, 16 guests sign up and face off randomly. Each bout is a best of four (as in four shoots), with all participants scoring a free shot. At the end, the final two go head-to-head (or hand-to-hand)-- with the top shooter winning a $20 Cortland gift certificate and the runner-up a $15 gift certificate. In addition, all are welcome to challenge the bartenders, with a win getting you a dollar off your next purchase that night, but Great South Bay beer is $4 all night.

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