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Presidents Day bass party at Velvet Lounge

A DJ adjusts the knobs on a mixer

A DJ adjusts the knobs on a mixer during a club session. (May 28, 2011) Credit: Gordon M. Grant

While most Long Islanders are familiar with dance styles like house, trance and disco, there are other sorts of beats that DJs spin that  just aren’t all that well-known. But those who follow the currently underground genres like dub-step and drum and bass know it’s there to dance to – it just takes a bit more effort to locate where it’s being played.

In the city it’s no challenge, as these styles based around rapid-fire drums, clipped samples, purposely screechy effects and lots of bass are featured through Manhattan (and more so Brooklyn) at events every night of the week. Furthermore, with dub producer Skrillex recently winning a Grammy, chances are his tunes will be scoring more mainstream attention. So for those looking to get better acquainted with the music, there’s a party coming up on Sunday, February 19 at the Velvet Lounge in Setauket.

Possibly the first venue on Long Island to continuously host weekly parties that feature indie rock and harder-edge electronic dance (dating back to 2009), the Lounge is holding fast to its standards by throwing this bash that will star such local favorites as Colin Kasprowicz and Ryan Broderick (of trippy indie band Ravalias) playing drum and bass with actual drums and a bass, as well as beatbox talent Jonatan “Jflo” Lopez and DJ Motiv spinning all night.

Doors open at 10 p.m. for a $5 cover.

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