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Ride the bus to a Polly O show

The "Polly O Bus" picks up those looking

The "Polly O Bus" picks up those looking to catch Polly O (the band) at one of their shows. (7/5/2011). Credit: Norah Kelleher/Polly O

Those who love live music know that Long Island is home to dozens of bands: some of them cover hits from various genres, some create their own music and some -- well, some just go and cut loose on stage.

Among those who do their own thing and play fun stuff is Polly O. Based in Long Beach, the band plays covers, but in their own style -- a style that combines swing and zydeco, while also featuring real rock. Polly O has performed all over the Tri-State area, but for the most part, the group's mainstay of play is the shoreline southwestern section of Nassau County, especially their hometown and nearby Island Park.

And Polly O -- like most music groups -- really like dedicated crowds who support them and show up to their events. However, while other acts will try to bring in followers with "merch" (CDs and merchandise like hats and shirts) that announce the band name, the Polly people will make sure you come to see them in action ... by actually picking you up and bringing you to their shows in their very own bus.

All those who join their mailing list ( will receive emails on when 'Polly is playing plus where the vehicle will be stopping, with their Facebook page also featuring posts of pick-up spots (though if you have a large enough group, reach out to the group and they might be able to accommodate a special pick-up off the announced route of the day). Aboard the Polly O Bus, the seats are fashioned to face each other, and fun music is played during the ride. There's no charge to ride, and upon taking a look at the festively-festooned piece of mass transit, it's hard to imagine anyone seeing it pass by and doubting those aboard aren't having a goood time just getting to the show.

Photo: The Polly O bus picks up those looking to catch Polly O (the band) at one of their shows. (July 5, 2011)

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