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RoofTop 32 arrives ‘above’ Rockville Centre

RoofTop 32 is above Kasey's Kitchen and Cocktails

RoofTop 32 is above Kasey's Kitchen and Cocktails in Rockville Centre. (June 30, 2011) Credit: Ian J. Stark

If you were strolling down N. Park Avenue in Rockville Centre -- or in the east parking lot behind the storefronts -- you may have noticed a few red umbrellas poking up from somewhere on the roof above Kasey's Kitchen & Cocktails. Want to see more?

Don't try to enter through Kasey's, for there is no connection. Instead, head into that aforementioned rear parking area -- you'll see a back entrance to Kasey's . . . but you can't use that either. Instead, head down the alley behind the venue to a metal stairwell demarcated by two short palm trees. Climb 32 steps, and upon reaching the top, you'll find that suddenly you're in one of Long Island's newest venues -- and one of the very few rooftop spots found anywhere between Queens and Montauk.

Called "RoofTop 32" (a name born from its lofty location and those 32 stairs), it's a unique experience, for while the city features dozens of bars, lounges, restaurants and clubs that are placed on top of buildings and open to the air -- the Island only has two (Mint in Garden City is the other). Open Wednesday thru Sunday from noon until 2 a.m., there is a menu of contemporary American edibles similar to what diners might find at Honu in Huntington -- which makes sense, as the Five Cheers Group organization owns both Honu and Kasey's (there is actually a "Honu Burger" on the RoofTop menu).

However, don't think that just because RoofTop 32 shares the same building as Kasey's that the establishment will be anything like it, for while the downstairs bar and grill is a massive draw for a scene of regulars aged 21-29, the new building top space is set to provide nightlife for an older crowd.

Once 10 p.m. rolls around, RoofTop 32 will be strictly 25-and-over -- with an experience geared to bring in a 30+ crowd, again similar to Honu -- and guests are asked to dress in neat and casual fashion (no hats, baggy clothing). There's couches and chairs for relaxing, plus a bar equipped with a couple of TVs in place for anyone who wants to see the big games of the day. In addition, whether it comes from a live band, a DJ or just piped in, there will always be music to enjoy.

However, it does share one important feature with Kasey's: both are within easy walking distance of the town's LIRR station, meaning there's no need to worry about parking or driving when it comes to a night out here in the summer air.

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